L'angolo di Pienza
Pills of Pienza
In the province of Siena, in the hearth of Tuscany, the city of Pienza is born in the sign of the Piccolomini’s, a titled family of Siena, exiliated in the Val d’Orcia, for politic reasons. Well known in High Middle-Ages as Corsignano, Pienza changed its imagine and its former name, thanks to Enea Silvio Piccolomi, later become famous as Pope Pio II in 1462.
He realized the Pienza “Project”, the new “Ideal City”, entrusting to one of the most famous architect of the period, Bernardo Rossellino, which left a lasting sign of his passage and transforming the native village of Corsignano in a wonderful Renaissance township.
More then the construction of the cathedral, the square and the family palace, the papal project lied also in an plan of progressive upgrading of the existing buildings, by means of their restoration and their adaptation to the models and the meanings of the Florentine fifteenth-century.
Pienza is developed on longitudinal axis, Corso Rossellino, which joins the two main city’s gates: Porta al Giglio and Porta al Marello.
It is by the side of this axis that can be found still today, some of the most beautiful artwork never realized in Pienza.
On the famous Pio II Square, in fact, are the Duomo, the Palazzo Piccolomini with its beautiful kiosk and the Town Hall.
Just out of the city walls can be found Pieve di Corsignano, which along with a lot more of other villages, renders the Val d’Orcia as one of the most yearned tourist place.
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